Managed Procurement Services

In-tend can provide a range of managed tender services for our clients all dependant upon specific client requirements. We utilise the dedicated In-tend shared services portal to advertise, publish and host a tender exercise, and deliver simple publish only opportunities all the way through to a fully managed bespoke tender solution.

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Compliant purchasing for your organisation

Request the services of our experienced procurement professionals to manage a procurement project for your organisation compliantly whilst achieving procurement benefits. Whether due to lack of procurement expertise, or challenging timescales, In-tend can provide varying levels of engagement to successfully manage your procurement project and realise the potential for efficiency savings, providing best practice guidance in terms of compliance with applicable legislation or internal governance, helping you find the right supplier for your needs, all powered by the In-tend e-procurement software platform.

“Procurement is just shopping isn't it?
Everyone does that!”

It's true, we all buy things from time to time, but procurement is more than just shopping, it's about delivering the right outcome for your organisation without unforeseen consequences. After all, we all have experience of a beating heart, but it doesn't mean we're all qualified to perform heart surgery, does it?

Our Managed Tender Services

Typically, there are three levels of service that our In-tend's procurement services team offer to their clients:

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Publish Only Tender Service

Irrespective of the need for our services, from compliance, transparency or the good practice of having a single location to host your tender documents, the Procurement Services team can help publish your tender opportunity. We can help you corale those all important suppliers with this invaluable publishing service - for clients in the public sector we can also ensure this is advertised in the appropriate location.

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Facilitated Tender Service

Ideal if you have a set of tender documents already, but would like the benefit of our expertise before you publish through our software. We can offer a day or more of time from one of our experienced procurement professionals to sense check documentation, whether for good practice or compliance with public sector legislation.

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Fully Managed Tender Service

An end to end procurement service, the fully managed tender is a bespoke solution that can include drafting contract notices and other relevant tender documentation. It can include consulting on evaluation criteria, scoring methodology, instructions to tenderers all the way through to contract award, whether private or public sector.

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Managed Auctions

Whether as part of a managed procurement service, or as a standalone requirement, our team have conducted managed reverse electronic auctions for clients wishing to allow suppliers to further revise prices when bidding for your contract opportunity. This service is powered by the In-tend e-procurement platform and allows for suppliers scores to be weighted for both price and quality accordingly. The combination of price and quality, scored accordingly, ensures that lowest price therefore isn't necessarily the winning bid.

We thought that In-tend's consultant provided a great deal of support and really helped with the process, we appreciated it! - Barnsley College.
In-tend consultancy service helped us achieve our procurement aims and we anticipate saving approximately £150k over the next five years as a result of the procurement exercise - Bicton College.